The Miss Universe Organization Press Site is intended to provide Press Releases, Photographs, and Videos to members of the media who want to cover MISS USA®, MISS UNIVERSE® and MISS TEEN USA®.

Access to our on-line photo database and archive is restricted to legitimate members of the media who have been issued a user name and password by The Miss Universe Organization. Use of these images are governed by the Conditions of Use.

Site Organization

Content is organized by competition. At the top of every page is a list of the three competitions:

MISS TEEN USAMiss UniverseMiss USA

A * appears over the currently selected competition. You can change competitions at any time by clicking on competition in the list.


Each Event to the press site contains one more related files. A Event may have any combination of related photos, videos or press releases.

For example a Event entitled "Delegate Arrival & Registration" would include multiple photos of delegates arriving and registering. Each Event has a name which provides a short overview of the included files. For instance "National Costumes," "Official Delegate Portraits," "Dress Rehearsal," "Presentation Show Swimsuits," and "Presentation Show Evening Gown".

Each competition has three areas for Events:

News Feed: This is where you will find the latest Events containing photos, videos, and press releases for the competition.

Press Kit: This is where you will find Events containing background information on the competition. This is our up-to-date Press Kit.

Archives: This is where you will find Events from previous competitions. Events from previous years are typically organized into folders. Folder events are marked with the icon.


The News Feed, Press Kit, and Archives pages contain a list of Events. The most recent Events are at the top, the oldest are at the bottom. On the left side are a series of icons which give a visual indication of what you will find in the Event.

This Event contains one or more Press Releases
This Event contains one or more Photos
This Event contains one or more Videos
This Listing is a folder which contains other Events.
The content icons reflect the contents of the enclosed Events.

On the right side you will find a note indicating how many of each you will find. For instance "(3 photos, 1 release)"

Recent Events also inclde a few thumbnail images to provide a visual overview of the included items.


The Quick Search field at the top of each page allows you to search for Press Releases/Photos/Videos about particular delegates or events.

Enter a word and click on the icon and you will see a list of all items containing that word. Popular searches are for a state/country name, delegate's last name, or a particular charity. The search looks for an exact match for what you have typed, so you will get the best results by entering only a single word.

The Quick Search only searches the current events for the currently selected competition.

The Search page allows you to specify which areas of the site to search, You can search across competitions, and search the News Feed, Press Kit and/or the Archives.

Example Section List

MISS USA News Feed

MISS USA Archives

MISS USA Press Kit

Simply check the sections you wish to search.

The Search page also has convenient pop-up menus to easily search for a delegate form a particular state or country.

Display Formats

There are four display formats available when browsing a list of images.
Choose the format that best suits your needs.

Shows both small versions of the images (called thumbnails) along with technical and captioning information about the image.

Shows only the thumbnails. This fits the most images per page

Shows only the technical and captioning information for each image. This is a good choice if you are on a slow connection.

Shows a single. larger, screen size preview image per page, along with technical and captioning information.

The current choice is displayed against a dark background.

When these icons appear at the top of a page, you can select your preference
by clicking on the corresponding icon.


On-site Media Credentials are handled separately from access to our Press Site.

Members of the press who plan to be on-location to attend one of our competitions, and would like Media Credentials, must specifically apply for Media Credentials.

Please visit our Media Credentials page for details.


The Account section allows you to apply for an account on this site, update your contact information / password, or retrieve a forgotten password via e-mail.

It is important to keep your e-mail address and account information up to date. If you forget your username or password we will send it to the e-mail address associated with your account.

RSS Feed

Stay on top of updates to this site by subscribing to our RSS feed.

Our feed can be found at feed://press.missuniverse.com/rss/.




Site Map

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